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Which workout suits me: pilates, yoga, personal training or barre?

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Looking to get started at our studio but unsure how to begin? Do you have some goals you would like to achieve but not sure which class is best for you? Our team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is led by a team of exercise specialists who are here to help you achieve your goals. […]

New to Yoga and Pilates?

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Always wanted that lean, toned Pilates body? Or perhaps you are looking to achieve calm, quiet and less stress through a regular yoga practice. Whatever your age or fitness level, yoga and Pilates are the best ways to stay healthy, look good, and feel great. They are both low impact, increases all-body strength and good […]

Yoga or Pilates?

Many might be confused by the difference between yoga and Pilates so our resident exercise physiologist (and yoga/Pilates teacher) Wynter, breaks it down for us! What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?   Yoga is movement connected with breath and is also a unique blend of a physical and mental practice. Yoga (especially Vinyasa-style) […]

Six simple tips to a faster Yoga recovery

Feeling sore after yoga is very common. So we have listed six simple tips on how to recover quickly. 1. Drink Plenty Of H2O: A litre before and after class is essential for a faster recovery for any workout, especially yoga. Water helps to flush out any residual toxins that can build up and cause […]