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The benefits of plank

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Why the plank is the best thing you can do this winter for your fitness routine. Planks are great all year around but they are perfect for winter time because they can be easily practiced in-door, they help warm up the body quickly, they are time effective and offer the chance to achieve substantial results […]

Personal Training Melbourne | A Beginner’s Guide

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Is PT for you? New to fitness and want to quickly progress your goals, or you have niggles and injuries to work around and you are concerned about them? Or perhaps you just want a more personal introduction to Pilates, yoga and strength training? Or you simply do not know what or how much exercise […]

Personal training in Melbourne CBD

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Our personal training team is led by exercise physiologists who have a minimum of 4 years tertiary education in the field of exercise science. If your idea of a personal trainer is someone barking at you to do ten more pushups or pushing you to the brink of exhaustion, think again. Our personal training Melbourne is led by exercise […]

Which workout suits me: pilates, yoga, personal training or barre?

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Looking to get started at our studio but unsure how to begin? Do you have some goals you would like to achieve but not sure which class is best for you? Our team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is led by a team of exercise specialists who are here to help you achieve your goals. […]