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We can assist participants of all ages and abilities to discover the many benefits our yoga classes can provide. From improving strength and posture, to increasing flexibility, yoga is great for anyone looking to increase their general wellbeing. We offer yoga classes every day of the week and at all difficulty levels.




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Includes all classes except Clinical Pilates 3-on-1 and privates

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Power Flow class consists of fast-flowing sequences. Power flow is a strong and dynamic yoga practice that encourages power, alignment and strength. In this group class you will build heat from the inside out and synchronise movement with breath so expect to sweat!

Focus: Overall muscle strength and tone, flexibility, stamina, endurance

Pace: Fast

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Core Flow group class is a fusion of Vinyasa yoga and Pilates, so expect some longer holds, more standing and stability sequences, strengthening and conditioning through the core. This yoga class is excellent for Melbourne CBD locals looking to improve athletic performance, minimise injuries and improve posture. 

 Focus: Strength and stability in core, abdominals and spine

Pace: Medium

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates now provides a blend of our Power Flow practice and meditation. Power flow-Meditation Yoga group class is ideal for not only strengthening and opening your body but also your mind. Perfect for a busy lifestyle in this modern world.

 Focus: Overall muscle strength and tone, flexibility, relaxation

Pace: Slow to medium

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates advanced small-group Vinyasa Yoga class is aimed at working on building strength for arm balances and inversions. Suitable for those with at least a consistent 3 month Vinyasa practice. 

 Focus: Overall muscle strength and tone, flexibility, stamina, endurance

Pace: Medium to Fast