Discover your potential at one of Melbourne’s leading private yoga studios

Want to try yoga but feel intimidated by big classes? No matter your age or ability, you can discover the many benefits of yoga with out team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates. From improving strength and posture, to increasing flexibility, yoga is great for anyone looking to increase their general wellbeing. We offer private yoga sessions at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates tailored to your personal goals and needs.

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Private Yoga sessions

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If you want to focus on strength and fitness, consider a Power Flow session. It is a strong and dynamic yoga practice that encourages power, alignment and strength. Build heat from the inside out and synchronise movement with breath so expect to sweat!

Focus: Overall muscle strength and tone, flexibility, stamina, endurance


Core Flow is a fusion of Vinyasa yoga and Pilates, so expect longer holds, more standing and stability sequences, strengthening and conditioning through the core. This type of yoga is excellent for our Melbourne CBD locals looking to improve athletic performance, minimise injuries and improve posture. 

Focus: Strength and stability in core, abdominals and spine


Melbourne Yoga and Pilates now provides a blend of our Power Flow combined with elements of a meditation practice. Power Flow-Meditation is ideal for not only strengthening and opening your body but also your mind. Perfect for a busy lifestyle in this modern world. This class is perfect for those seeking to gain strength but also focus on self care, breathwork and releasing stress. 

Focus: Overall muscle strength and tone, flexibility, relaxation


Getting fit is definitely more fun with a friend! Melbourne Yoga and Pilates also offers small group privates or duets. All levels are welcome and you can choose whatever practice style suits. Book in for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and goals.



Our yoga sessions can be catered to preferences but are generally a flow based class focusing on creating mindful movement to strengthen and lengthen the body. The classes are great for anyone hoping to relieve some tension during the work day and with each class finishing with a short meditation it provides an opportunity for workers to reset and refocus. 

We are currently offering complimentary 15min consultations.