Benefits of Pilates – Does it help your core stability and condition your body?

Part 1: increase core stability and condition your body with the help of Pilates

There are many benefits in Pilates and today’s blog will specifically outline information about how Pilates helps you to increase core stability and condition the body. Below are the list of benefits and we will separate each dot point into parts and upload each week for you to enjoy written by our Pilates instructor Sophia Yoon!

pilates core stability

How does Pilates help?

  • Increases core stability
  • Body conditioning
  • Muscle imbalance correction
  • Posture
  • Strong mind and body connection
  • Breathing

Increase core stability: muscles Pilates targets

So which muscles does Pilates exercises target? The main muscle group is focused on the core stabilisers. Having that in mind, Pilates doesn’t just focus on core, but other stabiliser muscles groups such as the spine, pelvis and scapula especially in Mat-work Pilates. Reformer allows you to connect and concentrate more with peripheral joint stabilisers.

More sessions you practise activating the correct stabiliser muscles, you will be able to maintain the stability of the stabilising muscles and move your mobilising muscles more dynamically with functional movements. Which will allow you to strengthen and work hard with your larger superficial muscles.

As Joseph Pilates himself quotes, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions and have a completely new body in thirty sessions”.

Have you been looking for an exercise to add into your daily routine, to enhance your core strength, maintain good posture, flexibility and increase joint mobility? Try adding in Pilates classes into your schedule!

There are various intensity levels you can work with; from beginner, intermediate to advanced. No need to feel uncomfortable heading into a fitness studio, because there will always be options for your fitness needs.

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