What are some of the massage therapy benefits?

‘What are some of the Massage Therapy benefits?’ is the today’s topic here at Melbourne yoga and Pilates! Massage therapy has been a treatment tool used for thousands of years across many cultures to help and benefit alleviate pain, improve muscle recovery and assist with rehabilitation. At MYP we use a range of techniques to help our clients achieve their treatment outcomes. Below our remedial massage therapist Marla Laverie has provided a breakdown of some of th techniques she uses during her treatments and how they may work functionally.
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Effleurage (stroking): this is a lighter massage technique that is usually used at the start of the session to warm the muscles prepare the soft tissues for deep massage. The speed, depth and pressure applied is varied to help stretch the fascia, soothe painful areas and assist with circulation and tissue drainage.
Cross-Fiber Friction massage: deeper stroke that is administered across or parallel to the fiber direction of underlying tissues. Pressure is applied to a localised area to initiate a small controlled inflammatory response with the aim to reduce trigger point activity, break down scar tissue or separate adhered tissues.

Flushing: this technique is a light pressure with fast paced movements that aims to increase blood and lymphatic flow. This technique is useful for recovery and can help to minimise DOMS as the increased circulation may help to reduce tissue fluid that causes the muscle soreness sensation. Research has supported that this is likely to speed up the repair process and strengthen recovery.
Percussion (tapotement): Repetitive striking movement that can be used to energise muscle tissue and in certain areas may stimulate the golgi tendon organ and muscle spindle.
MET- Muscle Energy Techniques : To simplify this technique involves using contractions and relaxations in a muscle tissue to help it move past its resistance barrier. This can be useful for releasing tone in tight postural muscles as well as strengthening through weakened musculature.

These are just a few of the techniques used but In summary with a remedial massage therapist there are a variety of tools used to help you achieve your treatment goals. If you are interested in seeing in how massage can assist you feel to reach out to the MYP team or book with our therapist online here.