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Welcome to Melbourne Yoga and Pilates’ introductory offer page!

Here at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, we want to make sure that you have experienced our space and classes before joining up to our memberships so we have an intro offer and refer-a-friend offer available for you! We value your time and understand how important the relationships between clients and instructors are. Please come visit our studio and try one of our intro offers!


Start your Pilates journey with a


intro offer TODAY.

What is Pilates Intro Offer?

  1. This offer has no obligations, you won’t be signing up to anything it’s purely for you to try our studio and see how you feel from our sessions.
  2. Our intro offer is a private class not a group class. Our instructor will dedicate three 30 minutes of the session into really explaining the basics of Pilates to get you ready for your future Pilates classes!
  3. It’s basically 3 personal training classes, just for you and your fitness goals!

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates – Pilates Intro Offer

Whether you are interested in group yoga and pilates classes or would like to work with a personal trainer for more tailored sessions, we have put together low priced, convenient packages for you.Book your Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Studio’s Pilates intro offer today.

Take advantage of our accessible pricing and start your fitness journey today.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to achieve some personal goals, getting the right training can be an invaluable tool when it comes to your overall wellbeing and health. Personal training at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, right in the heart of Melbourne CBD, is ideal for people working in the city looking to build their fitness levels by organising sessions around their work schedule. Working one on one with clients, our qualified and experienced instructors provide fitness solutions that gets you the results you want.

Intro Offer
3 X 30 min 1-on-1 sessions - one per client
(Includes complimentary exercise bands with every intro offer + 2 weeks free access to online exercise platform)
*Offer ends 30th September 2021*
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Who can apply for this referral program?

Currently our referral offer is eligible for both new and current members of MYP! It’s not easy finding a studio in Melbourne CBD, where you get a Private Pilates for an hour with your friend, family or even your partner.

We hear you, that’s why Melbourne Yoga and Pilates have come together and decided to offer a beautiful referral offer for you and your friend, family or partner! As long as there’s two of you, duet Pilates offer is applicable.

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Looking for a Pilates studio for you and your friend?

We are here for you and your friend! Our instructors are so excited about this offer as they all know how working out with a friend doubles up the fun and excitement of working out!

3 X 1Hr Duet sessions - one per client
*Offer ends 30th September 2021*
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