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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Team

Meet the Team!

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Team is lead by exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach Wynter Chan. We have some of Melbourne best personal trainers and our passion is helping each individual achieve their very best in their health and wellbeing and get more out of life. We understand that lifestyles are now busier and more stressful than ever. That is why we created our boutique Pilates and yoga studio in the centre of the Melbourne CBD. Our goal? Offer various services to suit everybody’s needs. 

Exercise physiologists

Who are Exercise Physiologists?

Our Exercise physiologists (EPs) from Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Team, are 4-year University qualified allied health professionals who can help you get that extra edge that your fitness journey. We specialise in the prevention, treatment and management of injuries and/or chronic disease through exercise prescription and can be excellent for those looking to exercise around any health conditions they may have.

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Exercise physiologist wynter

Wynter Chan
Exercise Physiologist

Bio: Wynter is our accredited exercise physiologist and also teaches yoga and Pilates…

exercise physiologist Harley

Harley Makin
Exercise Physiologist

Bio: Harley is an accredited exercise scientist and exercise physiologist, with more than 13 years’ experience…

Alex Marriott
Exercise Physiologist

Bio: Our Exercise Physiologist Alex Marriott has a keen interest in strength and conditioning for both the clinical and healthy populations…


Reach your personal training goals with our Melbourne Yoga and Pilates services. All of our instructor are fully qualified and experienced, here to help guide you towards your fitness goals. With enjoyable and effective workouts services that will help you lose weight and get fit. Value for money, stop wasting money on a gym membership you don’t use.

fitness personal trainer Molly

Molly Slater
Pilates | Fitness

Bio: Molly is an Exercise Scientist and is currently studying her Master’s of Exercise Physiology…

Lili Nel

Bio:Lili is a Clinical Pilates instructor with a passion for assisting people in realizing and reaching their own functional capabilities by prescribing effective..

yoga instructor Marla

Marla Laverie

Bio: Marla is our accredited remedial massage therapist as well as a qualified yoga and pilates instructor…

Remedial Massage Therapy

What is Remedial Massage?

Massage, in general, is a type of manual therapy which involves working with the soft tissues to release muscle tension and promote relaxation. Remedial massage is a very thorough type of manual therapy that involves the assessment, analysis and ultimately the treatment of bodily dysfunctions, at the muscle, tendons and/or connective tissues (fascia) level. According to Healthdirect Australia, remedial massage can also stimulate the blood supply, make joints more mobile, and help to repair damaged tissues. This therapeutic form of massage uses specific mobilization techniques to restore the normal health and function of the body and eliminate stiffness. It often targets neck and back aches caused by sitting long hours in a high stress work environment and is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pains caused by postural issues and/or injuries.

massage therapist marla l

Marla Laverie

Bio: Marla is our accredited remedial massage therapist as well as a qualified yoga and pilates instructor…


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