Looking to get started at our studio but unsure how to begin?

Do you have some goals you would like to achieve but not sure which class is best for you? Our team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is led by a team of exercise specialists who are here to help you achieve your goals. Here are some suggestions.

Gain strength: With Pilates X, yoga and barre

The most popular goal for our members at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is to gain muscular strength. With our current sedentary lifestyles, building strength not only improves the way you look, it also enhances the way you feel. You will feel energized throughout your day and no longer be sluggish.

Best classes to build strength are our yoga, barre and Pilates X classes. They encourage you to use a combination of body weight as well as light dumbbells to strengthen and tone the entire body. Personal Training is also a great way to increase your body strength and the fastest way to do so.

Weight loss: Personal training Melbourne

If you haven’t been exercising and have put on a few kilos, the best way to lose them is to incorporate cardio as well as strength exercises into your program. The best way to see results will be to work with one of the personal trainers at the studio. They are not just personal trainers but qualified strength coaches, exercise scientists and exercise physiologists. Let them guide you through a structured workout routine and recommend you the right amount and intensity of exercise.

Classes that are also good for weight loss are our HIIT and barre classes.

Increase flexibility: Yoga Melbourne

Always wanted to touch your toes or do the splits? Look no further than yoga! We practise a strong Vinyasa style of yoga at our studio that encourages building strength and increasing flexibility through poses held with correct alignment.

Increasing your flexibility with melbourne yoga will help improve joint health and most importantly, prevent injuries or aches and pains.

Get fit: Barre and Pilates Melbourne

Our second most popular goal from our members is to increase their fitness level. Increased fitness means being able to run for the tram or train and catching it or walking up stairs without feeling puffed. There is nothing to feeling empowered by being fit and able to complete activities of daily living with ease.

We encourage a variety of all our classes to build your fitness. If you are new, start with gentler classes like Power Flow-Meditation and mat Pilates before you move on to barre and Pilates X classes. If you are unsure about joining a group class, why not start with some private personal training sessions to help build your own individual fitness level up? It is the most relaxed and non-intimidating environment in which to work on your own needs and goals.

Let us know which workout you are most interested in! Yoga, barre, personal training or pilates Melbourne and we will help you on your fitness journey.

Contact us today at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates to let us help you get started. You can chat to one of our friendly staff member to help guide you further.

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