Is PT for you?

New to fitness and want to quickly progress your goals, or you have niggles and injuries to work around and you are concerned about them? Or perhaps you just want a more personal introduction to Pilates, yoga and strength training? Or you simply do not know what or how much exercise to do to lose weight and tone up!

Don’t stress, Personal Training is the perfect solution for you.

The Sessions

Personal Training sessions are exactly that… PERSONAL!

The sessions are suitable for pretty much everybody, whatever your experience or fitness level.

They are personalised and can be an individual introduction to exercise and fitness or equipment like the Pilates reformer. You can work and progress at your own level and not feel intimidated by equipment or big group classes. No more hiding in the corner of the group exercise room! 

It will be safe, personal, effective, and ALL ABOUT YOU.

Personal Advise

The best part? You can have all your weight loss and fitness goals answered by experts. No more guessing!

You will get the trainer’s undivided attention and they will push and challenge you to see results faster. No more going to the gym and wondering if you should run on the treadmill or use the leg press machine. Everything is thought out and planned for you so it takes the guesswork out of it all. You will see that fitness does not have to be difficult!

Illness or Injuries

If you are recovering from illness or injury, your Personal Training Sessions should only be with an accredited Exercise Physiologist. Exercise Physiologists are exercise rehabilitation specialists and the one-to-one attention will ensure that everything you are doing is helping you return to functional fitness faster.

At Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, we have a team of Exercise Physiologists ready and waiting to help people with their fitness goals and aspirations. We also work with diabetics, cardiovascular issues, individuals recovering from cancer and many more.

How To Get Started with PT

If you haven’t achieved the fitness level or body that you want after years at the gym, it is likely that you are not doing something right and that is ok but it is time to make a change.

Develop correct technique sooner, see results earlier, and progress further, so you can feel more confident and tackle life’s everyday challenges with a strong mind and fit body.

Why not take the quickest path to achieve your fitness goals with your very own Personal Training sessions at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates!

Personal Training Packages at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates

We offer both personal training and rehabilitation sessions.

Our trainers combine cardio, resistance, and Pilates training to ensure well-rounded, individualised programs, each designed specifically for the unique needs and goals of each client.

Why choose our one-to-one sessions?

    • Optimise the benefits of a full-body workout


    • Add a more focused cardiovascular or resistance-based workout


    • Provide a cross-training supplement to your classes


    • Train for a specific sport or activity


    • Recover from or prevent injury


    • Correct postural or bio mechanical issues


    • Kick-start your weight loss goals
    • Add extra variety to your workout

Conveniently located in the central Melbourne CBD, you can easily fit in a workout before or after work or during your lunch break!

Sign up for our 3 X PT Sessions Intro Offer for $99 at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Today!