Summer is coming, workout with Pilates to improve your fitness!

Pilates can help improve your fitness! With summer just around the corner, why not kickstart your fitness plan and get yourself in shape for summertime parties and cocktails with friends!

Pilates classes are highly effective

The great thing about Pilates classes is that they focus on toning your ENTIRE body. With classes for all levels from beginners to advanced, we have many classes to choose from.

Pilates not only raises your heart rate, it also gives you that slow deep muscular burn that is behind the creation of long lean beautiful muscles.

Even better, Pilates is a low impact exercise and can be suited to all ages!


Qualified Pilates instructors

Our team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is headed by accredited Exercise Physiologists who completed at least 4 years of tertiary study and know what is best for the human body. Pilates exercises are one of the most effective exercises you can do in order to get your body ready for summer because the use of springs as resistance challenges you to control all aspects of the movement and exercise. Train with the best in Melbourne to get the best results!


Pilates improves your core strength

Core strength has certainly been the buzzword for the last 20 years! The cool thing about Pilates is that it not only makes you look better, but it also helps you in your daily life by avoiding back pain and preventing injuries. So you can finally get fit and STAY fit.

Pilates exercises force you to switch on your core muscles in all types of movements and focuses on engaging them properly so they can protect your spine against the load. We guarantee that you will not find a better method!


Pilates can help you lose weight

Burn hundreds of calories in classes, especially high-intensity ones like our Pilates X. Exercises are performed in a fast but precise manner using all muscle groups to maximise fat-burning. Committing to regular attendance with a positive mental attitude will help you lose pounds when you combine it with a healthy diet.

Get leaner, fitter and FEEL GOOD for summer!


Pilates can target specific muscle groups

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates offer a mix of mat-based classes and equipment-based classes using the Pilates reformer and Wunda Chair, offering workouts for all muscle groups.

Frustrated with “tuckshop-lady arms”? Dips on the Wunda Chair will be perfect for you! Have a muffin top? Some high-intensity mountain climbers and plank holds on the reformer will take care of that. Not happy with your inner thighs? Some standing slides on the reformer will tone them right up!

Whatever your problem areas are, you can book in with a personal trainer and start working on them TODAY!

1 to 1 Pilates personal workouts

You walk into the gym filled with 20 Pilates reformers and you see everyone performing exercises with the utmost confidence and precision. Feel intimidated? Not sure what you are doing?

One to one personal Pilates sessions is now increasingly popular as they are ideal for people who are shy or want more personalised attention. Invest a little extra so you can accelerate your workouts to achieve your ultimate body shape.

Summer and beach season is just eight weeks away so it is time to get moving and work on your bikini body.

Enquire about our introductory 3 personal training sessions for $99 at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates to get you started today!