Fitness and wellness programs in the workplace have replaced boozy team lunches and Friday night ‘over the bar’ benders. It is time to break the tradition of after-work drinks and replace them with an invigorating corporate Pilates, yoga or fitness class.  

Increasing the health and wellness of your staff improves productivity and staff retention rates. It also reduces the costs for businesses such as less sick days and less hiring (and firing!).

Here’s why:

  1. Employee focus levels rise –  When employees participate in a fitness program, their focus levels increase from 7% to 55%. Fitness programs can be implemented in just a few months. Hello, revenue spike!
  1. Employee productivity rises – There is a direct link between healthy and happy staff and their productivity. Medibank says “the healthiest employees are working approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 effective hours per month by the least healthy.” Happy workers work effective hours… see where we are going with this?
  1. Sickie rates are reduced – Monday morning empty seats galore? Sickie rates in Australia are on the increase from 8.5 days per person (2006) to 9.87 per person (2010). WOWZERS. Starting a corporate fitness program can reduce the absenteeism rate by up to 25% in 12 months. Everything will get done on time and in good time!
  1. Improve staff retention – Happy staff stay! Now you can focus on retaining staff instead of interviewing and hiring staff. “I love interviews and hiring” – said no business ever!
  2. Increase profits – According to our friends Welltec, workplaces that implement wellness programs have an annual saving of $1,600 per employee. Now that’s a bonus we all want!

You have read the facts. The numbers don’t lie. It’s a no-brainer really! Corporate health programs not only benefit the employees who take part in them but also their employers!

Now it’s time to TAKE SOME ACTION and let’s work together to create a stronger, healthier and more vibrant workplace.

Show your staff that you care by implementing a Melbourne Yoga and Pilates wellness program that is all about them. Choose from a relaxing Yoga or a toning Pilates class, a fitness boot camp or an offering or remedial massages.

The choices are endless and our team will make sure the workouts are fun, engaging, with everyone asking for more!

No one will wake up hungover, lethargic and feeling lousy but instead become fit, strong and energetic throughout the week and into the weekend!

So why not do something SPECIAL for your team? Instead of taking them out for a big boozy quarterly lunch, run a 6-week fitness program for them. They will thank you for it!

We have had amazing feedback from our staff about the yoga classes at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates. Our colleagues said it was one of the best classes they have done, it was pitched at a really good level and the instructor was super lovely. We really appreciate all the help and patience in getting this started for us” – Ashurst, a multinational law firm.

About Us:

The team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is passionate about health and wellbeing in our community.

We believe that it is achievable and sustainable to maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with the busy pace of everyday life. To this date, we have managed the health and wellness of over 100 clients from Melbourne CBD.

How it works:

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates instructors can travel to your workplace within our outside the Melbourne CBD to run yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness classes as well as provide exercise physiology services. Sessions can be arranged at a time that suits your workplace. Don’t have a large enough board room? Our studio is centrally located in the Melbourne CBD so your team can easily and conveniently travel to our Lonsdale Street studio too. 

We cater for small or large groups so contact us today at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates to discuss your workplace’s corporate fitness needs.

Click here to chat with us today about a corporate health program for your business.