Feeling sore after yoga is very common. So we have listed six simple tips on how to recover quickly.

1. Drink Plenty Of H2O: A litre before and after class is essential for a faster recovery for any workout, especially yoga. Water helps to flush out any residual toxins that can build up and cause health problems.

2. Rest & Sleep Well: Sleep plays a huge role in muscle repairing and considered just as important as conscious eating and physical conditioning.

3. Drink tea! Tea, especially green tea, is packed with antioxidants that aids muscle repair.

4. Use a foam roller or book a remedial massage: Did you know that foam rolling and a massage could help to speed up recovery? Foam rolling helps to reduce soreness and tightness, aiding better performance. Get yours today from our studio for $29. Alternatively, pamper yourself with a 30 mins or 60 mins remedial massage at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates.

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5. Warm or cold bath? Warm baths are incredibly therapeutic. The temperature can help ease the mind and reduce stress. However, for a speedy muscle recovery, icing sore muscles helps reduce swelling and muscle soreness. Tip here is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

6. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Eating highly nutritious and natural foods will restore any depleted resources. Stay away from heavily processed ‘junk’ food and aim to eat nutrition dense meals. Eating foods rich with vitamin A, C and antioxidants can help reduce muscle soreness, aiding recovery. Foods that are packed with vitamin A, C and antioxidants are; tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, fruits, nuts and olive oil. Eat up – your muscles will thank you for it!