Fitness Motivation tips from us!

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Feeling burnt out from your busy routine and not feeling motivated to work out? Here are some fitness motivation tips to get you back into it!

Step 1

Firstly, it is important to remember that there is no perfect time to give yourself a fresh start. It can happen whenever you want it to. The reset has to start within you. This will require a clean mindset, a healthy environment to work in, aspiration and focus.

Step 2

Write down your specific goals in order to have them in sight (or even pin up a picture). This way you can constantly refer back to them. Large goals can seem intimidating, for this reason it is helpful to break it into smaller goals. Celebrating the achievements, whether it is short term or long term will help keep the progress going. It’ll motivate you to keep performing at your best and help you grow as an individual. Note that your reward for yourself should be proportionate to the goal achieved.

Step 3

Charting your progress generally helps to keep the progression fun. Set aside time to workout in your calendar and it’ll leave you accountable. Plus, crossing off each session is always fun and satisfying.

Step 4

Surround yourself with people who are highly motivated. Talking to people who are doing what you want to will give you some drive. If they are capable of doing it, so are you. Grabbing a workout buddy will also help keep you accountable. Not only will they feel obliged to motivate you, you are also responsible for theirs!

Lastly, consistently focus on what you want. Take small steps each day and “stay in the game”. You will never regret a workout.

Doing something will always be better than doing nothing. So, don’t waste any time, choose barre, yoga or pilates and book your classes at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates .