Many might be confused by the difference between yoga and Pilates so our resident exercise physiologist (and yoga/Pilates teacher) Wynter, breaks it down for us!

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?
Yoga is movement connected with breath and is also a unique blend of a physical and mental practice. Yoga (especially Vinyasa-style) encourages full body movement helping you to build up strength and flexibility. You use your body weight only as you flow through different postures (also called asanas). Pilates consists of much more structured movement sequences focusing on the powerhouse of the core and hips. It is about correct engagement of muscles to support the key structures in our body (like our spine, shoulders, hips etc) as well as proper alignment of the body in order to achieve these muscle engagements.
Which class is better for me?
It depends on your goals though they are both great for everybody. I would encourage those who are managing some injuries to start with Pilates to learn more about body alignment and awareness. If you’re looking to de-stress and de-compress, yoga has a slightly more meditative aspect to it. Come and speak to an exercise physiologist at our studio to learn more about which class is better for you.
Any advice for beginners to both yoga and Pilates?
Go in with an open mind. Starting a new exercise routine may be intimidating at first and seem really challenging. But nothing starts easy so be patient with yourself and slowly allow your body to adapt to the new classes. Take options that the teachers give you and listen to you body.