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Personal training: Reach your goals with good technique for good results

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Personal Training? Why you need them to reach fitness goals. Personal Training is very important when you are trying to reach your fitness goals. From fitness goals to rehabilitation, personal trainers will assist with form and workout consistency. You could have been a runner, been lifting weights for a long time or have no fitness background. […]

What is Clinical Pilates?

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The Pilates method has evolved greatly since its conception by founder Josef Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates is now an exercise method widely embraced by fitness enthusiast. But what exactly does clinical Pilates mean? Why is it different from other Pilates classes that you attend at the local gym or watch on Youtube? […]


Barre Classes

 Barre Classes What are the barre classes like and it’s 5 benefits? Are you curious and not sure if it is right for you? Here at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, here are the reasons why we love Barre. Barre classes are a high-energy workout set to an upbeat playlist and combines cardiovascular exercise with toning […]