Improve your fitness this summer with Pilates!

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Summer is coming, workout with Pilates to improve your fitness! Pilates can help improve your fitness! With summer just around the corner, why not kickstart your fitness plan and get yourself in shape for summertime parties and cocktails with friends! Pilates classes are highly effective The great thing about Pilates classes is that they focus […]

Personal Training Melbourne | A Beginner’s Guide

Melbourne pilates cbd

Is PT for you? New to fitness and want to quickly progress your goals, or you have niggles and injuries to work around and you are concerned about them? Or perhaps you just want a more personal introduction to Pilates, yoga and strength training? Or you simply do not know what or how much exercise […]

Does Pilates truly help with weight loss?

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How does Pilates help weight loss? Pilates and weight loss, what is Pilates and how is it different to other exercises? You don’t have to spend endless hours in the gym on treadmills, exercise bikes and Stairmasters with minimal results. If you want to change your body and get that long, lean and toned look, […]

5 Proven Benefits Of Adding Pilates To Your F45 Routine

So you’ve joined F45, the fitness phenomenon that is taking over the world, and you’ve been crushing your sessions day in and day out. Let’s be honest, those first few weeks of training were tough, but you’ve pushed, slammed, jumped and burpeed your way through it all. And now you’re addicted! But something is missing… […]