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Since Josef Pilates developed the Pilates method in the early 20th century using springs for rehabilitation, the technique had evolved tremendously over the years. There are many benefits to Pilates including increased strength and flexibility, improved posture and injury rehabilitation. Pilates is a gentle and progressive exercise that is suitable for everyone with all fitness abilities. Every Pilates exercise is done with accuracy and complete muscular control, making it a unique method for rehabilitation. The type of Pilates that is suitable for you depends on your needs. If you need some guidance on what is the best class for you, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates to discuss your needs.





Access to Mat Pilates & Yoga

Valid for 3 months from first visit

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Suitable for beginners up to intermediate, our mat Pilates class utilises small props like therabands, Pilates balls and small weights to lengthen and strengthen your body. mat Pilates teaches your body muscular control and awareness and sets you up for more advanced equipment like the reformer and Wunda Chair.

Focus: Strengthening core abdominal muscles, glutes, spine, legs and arms - an all-body workout!

Pace: slow to medium

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Our most popular Pilates option, Pilates X combines 20 minutes on the mat with 20 minutes on the reformer to create a dynamic workout using springs, weights and the Pilates circle. It is the quickest way to build all over strength and stamina in a small group of only 4 participants.

Focus: Strengthening all muscle groups and increasing cardiovascular fitness

Pace: medium to fast

* We recommend that you complete at least 3 mat Pilates classes before participating in Pilates X classes. If you are new to Pilates and never used a reformer before, please contact us for a private 1-on-1 session to help you get started.
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The newest additions to our timetable and first of their kinds in Melbourne. Power Pilates combines 20 minutes of advanced mat work with 20 minutes on the Wunda Chair; Power X combines 20 minutes of Wunda Chair with 20 minutes of Reformer. You will work your upper and lower body muscle groups while incorporating the principles of engaging your core - which means you will be gaining strength as well as creating long and lean muscles. You have never felt a burn like that before! 

Focus: All over strength, power and endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness

Pace: fast

* We recommend that you have been doing reformer Pilates regularly for at least a month before participating in Power Pilates or Power X. If you are new to Pilates, please contact us for a private 1-on-1 session to help you get started.
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Do you have an injury or a specific goal in mind? Clinical 3-on-1 Pilates allows you to work on an individualised program in a small group setting and is run by Exercise Physiologists. Utilising both mat and reformer, this low-impact form of exercise rehabilitation is suitable for anyone with a musculoskeletal injuries or medical conditions.  

Focus: rehabilitation, posture, fine movement control, increased body awareness and proper muscle engagement. 

Pace: slow to medium

* If you are new or are unfamiliar with Pilates, we recommend starting with a private 1-on-1 initial assessment.

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