Remedial MAssagist

MArla Laverie
Remedial MAssagist

Bio: Marla Laverie is our accredited remedial massage therapist as well as a qualified yoga and pilates instructor. From having a bachelor degree in Biomedicine and Exercise Science and love to always be learning…

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Marla likes including a range of modalities into her massage treatments including active release techniques, relaxation massage, trigger point therapy and dry needling.


Growing up training in ballet and having a keen interest in sports, she loves to get her clients moving and enjoying exercise. Pilates and yoga has been a key aspect in her own health journey and she is enthusiastic about sharing it with her clients. 


In her spare time you will find her studying for her Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning, surfing (badly), going for walks in nature or taking a dance class. If you have any questions about how you might benefit from including some massage, yoga or Pilates into your life feel free to reach out to her.

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