Remedial Massage


Find relief from physical and mental fatigue

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates provides remedial massage services in the heart of Melbourne CBD, just a few minutes walk from the legal precinct. This therapeutic form of massage helps you improve posture and overall well-being by releasing tension in the tight spots of your body. Our therapists use trigger points massage techniques to bring relief to neck and back aches caused by sitting long hours in a high stress work environment. Clients come to see us to correct postural issues, to treat existing injuries or simply to take care of their physical and mental health.


30mins - $50 casually or $225 for a 5-pack

60mins - $80 casually or $375 for a 5-pack

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Adam Cooper

Adam is a Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. He specialises in boxing training and Pilates and is currently training to be a remedial massage therapist. He has a passion for engaging people through group exercise and loves balancing a hard cardio boxing session with a relaxing remedial massage.

Many of our clients absolutely love his Pilates X class and struggle to walk down the stairs after but they come back week after week! Adam trains his boxing clients with passion and lots of positive encouragement so cardio doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous.

He focuses on treating via trigger points in your body during his massage treatments because he believes that trigger point therapy effectively releases muscle tension and help achieve better and faster recovery.




Massage, in general, is a type of manual therapy which involves working with the soft tissues to release muscle tension and promote relaxation. Remedial massage is a very thorough type of manual therapy that involves the assessment, analysis and ultimately the treatment of bodily dysfunctions, at the muscle, tendons and/or connective tissues (fascia) level. According to Healthdirect Australia, remedial massage can also stimulate the blood supply, make joints more mobile, and help to repair damaged tissues. This therapeutic form of massage uses specific mobilization techniques to restore the normal health and function of the body and eliminate stiffness. It often targets neck and back aches caused by sitting long hours in a high stress work environment and is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pains caused by postural issues and/or injuries.

Remedial massage positively affects soft tissues and improves your body’s own healing systems. It is commonly used in the treatments of:

• Headaches
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Gastrointestinal symptoms
• Muscle strains and sprains
• High blood pressure
• Knee osteoarthritis
• Insomnia
• Low back pain


The lower back is one of the main areas we treat at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates and a lot of our clients come with severe back pain due to sitting long hours at a desk. Lack of movement is only one of the causes of lower back pain which can also be triggered by factors such as sciatica, spondylolysis and herniated disk. Our remedial massage therapist will help you identify the cause of your lower back pain and choose the right treatment for your condition.


Headaches are often triggered by tension which accumulates around the neck, shoulders, chest and jaw areas. If you have a high stress job or spend long hours at a desk you have probably experienced a tension headache at some point - it usually feels like a tight band wrapped around your head. Remedial massage can help release the muscles around the head, neck and shoulders through trigger point therapy and passive stretch.