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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates in the heart of Melbourne CBD offers a diverse range of classes including yoga, barre, personal training, exercise physiology and Pilates Melbourne. Increase your fitness and strength under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Our programs cater to individuals of all fitness levels. Combining affordable prices, different membership packages, high energy classes and personalised attention with small group sizes, we are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. With convenient class times before work, lunchtimes and after work, your fitness routine can easily be part of your city CBD lifestyle. 

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Melbourne Yoga and Pilates has something for everyone and our passion is helping you get the results you desire. Are you looking to lose weight and increase your cardiovascular fitness? We have barre and personal training for you. Or do you want to build all-over strength? Then our yoga and highly popular Pilates X classes will suit you. If you are working through an existing injury, our Clinical Pilates Melbourne program suits all your rehabilitation needs plus gives you a functional and dynamic workout. Talk to one of our friendly staff about what suits you and your goals, we are happy to help!

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Leading the Melbourne Yoga and Pilates team is exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach Wynter Chan. Our passion is helping each individual achieve their very best in their health and wellbeing and get more out of life. We understand that lifestyles are now busier and more stressful than ever and we design comprehensive exercise solutions based on future trends in healthcare needs. That is why we created our boutique Pilates and yoga Melbourne studio in the centre of the Melbourne CBD, to be able to offer various services to suit everybody's needs. 

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is a boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Melbourne CBD. It was created with the vision to have a central space in the Melbourne CBD that people can come to to have their injuries looked after but also to get fit, healthy and strong. With our small-sized classes, our team focuses on providing safe, alignment-based classes with close personal attention from our highly trained instructors.

Not only do we stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends, we base our techniques and services on research-based evidence. The team is led by Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists who have undergone a tertiary education and are the leaders in the exercise field in what is best for your body. Whether recovering from an injury or striving for specific fitness goals, our team is here to help make them a reality. So why not contact us today at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates and let us guide you on your fitness journey?


We believe in well-rounded programs so we have a choice of yoga, barre, HIIT, personal training, exercise physiology or Clinical Pilates. Talk to us about which is best for you!


Our classes are different as they are all high-energy and set to uplifting tunes.


All our teachers have had extensive experience teaching all over the world and working with different clientele. We also have resident exercise physiologists whom you can approach at any time for your health and wellness queries!


Our maximum capacity of 20 spots allow us to give each participant personalised attention in a safe exercise setting.


We are not only one of the best-priced studios in the CBD but also in Melbourne!

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Wynter Chan is our accredited exercise physiologist and also teaches yoga and Pilates at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates. She lectured in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at Victoria University as well as worked with the Australian badminton team in strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. Currently, she is actively participating in the National University Course Accreditation Program for Exercise and Sport Science Australia, assessing the curriculum of exercise science and physiology courses around the country. Helping clients manage their injuries is her passion and believes her method helps them live a pain-free life without inhibitions.

Outside of Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, Wynter enjoys long walks with her corgi Biscuit (who visits the studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays), playing the piano to relax, learning (and failing) the French language and reading for hours.


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Tahlia is hands-down our Master of Pilates with her dedication to training in the method for the last 7 years. Having trained with the best teachers in South Africa, she brings her knowledge and passion to our CBD studio to help our clients achieve the best version of themselves.
Tahlia loves hanging out with us at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates though she dearly misses her home country of South Africa due to the breathtaking landscapes and her beloved family. She is passionate about commuting to work on the bike and swimming on her time off and her best memories are those of trekking to Everest base camp. Her classes are tough and focuses on alignment and precision and her cute South African accent is definitely popular amongst our clients!

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Harley Makin is an accredited exercise scientist and exercise physiologist as well as a qualified personal trainer with more than 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. Harley loves the quote “you only get one life so live it to the fullest” and is committed to working with people with chronic medical conditions and injuries. He also has extensive experience helping individuals reach fitness goals and improve sport performance. After swimming at state and national levels for many years, Harley is now passionately involved in triathlon racing. Harley's classes are full of fun and flair and he makes them so interesting you would not feel like you are exercising!

After overcoming some health issues in 2015, Harley went on to complete the Busselton Ironman in WA - his proudest achievement to date. Harley is by far one of our most popular teachers with his infectious laughs, spellbinding story-teling and his relentless commitment to his clients. Come experience some Harley magic for yourself!