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Meet our beautiful group of professional and accredited Yoga, Pilates and Fitness instructors. Here at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates we offer yoga, pilates and fitness group and private classes. Get to know our instructors by reading their bio below.


yoga Melbourne CBD

YOGA | Pilates

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I had always keen to understand the movement capacities of the
human body as well as bringing solutions to people’s health issues. I decided to study
Physiotherapy for my undergraduate education. 
After graduating as a valedictorian, I pursued further training in manual therapy, women’s
health physiotherapy, yoga, restorative yoga, mat and Pilates.
Previously running my own physiotherapy practice for three and a half years, I take a holistic
treatment approach. Experienced in treating musculoskeletal injuries, I have a special interest
in pelvic floor rehabilitation and sexual health therapy.
No system in the body ever works alone, never gets injured alone and never heals alone.
Therefore, the best approach for any kind of chronic pain is to observe the body closely as a
whole and combine this with corrective exercise.
Having completed more than 26 different trainings, congresses and symposiums in my field
and believing that the learning journey never truly ends, I moved to Melbourne, one of the
most livable cities in the world, to pursue a postgraduate degree in physiotherapy.

Pilates Instructors


harley makin
Exercise Physiology | S&C

15-min complimentary consult

Harley is part of the beating heart of Melbourne Yoga and Pilates. He is a qualified personal trainer as well as accredited exercise scientist and exercise physiologist, with more than 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.

Harley loves the quote “you only get one life so live it to the fullest” and is committed to working with people with chronic medical conditions and injuries. He also has extensive experience helping individuals reach fitness goals and improve sport performance. After swimming at state and national levels for many years, Harley is now passionately involved in triathlon racing and dreams to one day compete in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. 

A constant in his clients’ lives, he helps them move pain-free and has a caring and empathetic approach to all levels of fitness. His infectious energy will help brighten up your work day.


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yoga instructor Marla

MArla Laverie
YOGA | Pilates | Remedial Massage


Marla Laverie is our accredited remedial massage therapist as well as a qualified yoga and pilates instructor. From having a bachelor degree in Biomedicine and Exercise Science and love to always be learning , Marla likes including a range of
modalities into her massage treatments including active release techniques, relaxation massage, trigger point therapy and dry needling.

Growing up training in ballet and having a keen interest in sports, she loves to get her clients moving and enjoying exercise. Pilates and yoga has been a key aspect in her own health journey and she is enthusiastic about sharing it with her clients.

In her spare time you will find her studying for her Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning, surfing, going for walks in nature or taking a dance class. If you have any questions about how you might benefit from including some massage, yoga or Pilates into your life feel free to reach out to her.

Fitness instructors

fitness personal trainer Molly

Molly Slater
Pilates | Fitness


Molly is an Exercise Scientist and is currently studying her Master’s of Exercise Physiology. She has been working as a fitness coach and group trainer for over six years, working in many types of settings with a variety of clientele. She comes from a background of strength and HIIT training, and recently learning pilates and rehabilitation as part of her degree. Her passion is to help people to get stronger and fitter than they thought possible, so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

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