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Looking for Clinical Pilates in Melbourne CBD? Our team of personal trainers at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates is led by accredited Exercise Physiologists who specialise in the Clinical Pilates. We can help by prescribing exercises to reduce pain levels for injuries related to the workplace or chronic conditions.

Our practitioners will perform an initial assessment to determine weak or tight areas, then prescribe a multidisciplinary approach to help recover from the injury.  Each exercise program is customised to individual needs and abilities and designed by an accredited Exercise Physiologist. We work with a variety of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory conditions. We accept Medicare EPC referrals, DVAs and provide on-the-spot HICAPS rebates for clients with private health insurance. 

Clinical Melbourne pilates

Clinical Pilates Melbourne CBD

What is clinical Pilates?

The Pilates method has evolved greatly since its conception by founder Josef Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates is now a widely-embraced exercise method by fitness enthusiasts; but what exactly does clinical Pilates mean? Why is it different from other Pilates classes that you attend at the local gym or watched on Youtube? Is Clinical Pilates suitable for you?

Clinical Pilates sessions are generally led by allied health professionals – mainly physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The focus of Clinical Pilates is to use traditional Pilates methodology and principles and apply it to a rehabilitation setting to reduce pain levels, increase mobility and improve function. These principles centre around alignment, proprioception and correct muscular activation patterns. Whilst general Pilates focuses on these elements as well, Clinical Pilates has a much more concentrated approach to the individual’s injury needs and requirements. Clinical Pilates is about tailoring the sessions so you can get the most out of it.

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1:1 Clinical Privates

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If you have never done Pilates before and are looking to join our Pilates X and Power Pilates classes, you will just need a 30-minute assessment to allow us to introduce the Pilates reformer and Wunda Chair. This is to ensure that you perform exercises safely and correctly in a class setting. This assessment is suitable for anyone with no injuries.
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We recommend a full assessment with one of our exercise physiologists at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates if you have an injury or an ongoing concern. In a full assessment, we will go through your health and injury history, assess your goals and needs, perform a movement screening and come up with a plan to get you to where you want to be. This assessment may be covered by your private health fund under Exercise Physiology.

Clinical PILATES Group Classes

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Do you have an injury or a specific goal in mind? Clinical 3-on-1 Pilates allows you to work on an individualised program in a small group setting. Utilising both mat and reformer as well as weights and aerobic equipment. This low-impact form of exercise rehabilitation is suitable for anyone with musculoskeletal injuries or medical conditions.  

Focus: rehabilitation, posture, fine movement control, increased body awareness and proper muscle engagement. 

Pace: slow to medium


The health funds below typically have Exercise Physiology as part of their extras cover. If you have private health with one of these providers, do check if they cover our Exercise Physiology services. Alternatively, you can also speak to your health fund over the phone for confirmation. We are happy to answer any questions you have too.

HICAPS is Australia’s leading electronic claims & payments system, which offers the convenience of automatic claims processing on the spot from your health fund

“I have been attending Melbourne Yoga and Pilates for Clinical Exercise Physiology (1:1 class) for 8 months now, due to very chronic muscular back pain. Wynter and her team have made a tremendous difference already. After a decade of having no satisfactory answers as to why certain movements are painful and thus no effective strategies to improve, Wynter’s skill in translating theoretical knowledge to exercise prescription relevant to my weaknesses and strengths has restored a positive outlook that I can achieve freedom of movement and return to activities I love. As a medical practitioner myself, the empowerment Wynter and her team have given me to manage and improve my own condition parallel the outcome I strive for in my own patients. Highly recommend for individuals with or without chronic disease! ***For all the cynics – this is NOT a sponsored review***”

Dr Catrina Huang

“After dealing with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back since I was 13, I decided to take control one day by starting Clinical Pilates. I had some goals I wanted to achieve and needed a pain-free body. I started with sessions twice a week and worked with Wynter. She gave me lists of exercises that I can do at work during my breaks as well as at home, and I did them diligently every day! What has made the most difference was taking what I learned and applying to it at my posture at work (e.g. remembering to pull my shoulders down). My self-awareness towards my body improved so much, this has greatly reduced my pain levels in 2-3 weeks and I look forward to continuing to strengthen my body.”

Annemarie. P

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