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Try our barre classes for the ultimate legs workout!

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates Barre Classes are our fun, energetic and high-intensity workout inspired by the ballet barre, done to strong beats and funky moves. Using your own body weight, bands, small weights and a ball, the workout targets major muscles in your arms, thighs, glutes and abs. More sweat, more cardio, more ways to change your body shape. This is definitely a workout that is efficient, effective and fun.

Here are five benefits you will see from a regular barre practice.

  • No bulking! Barre is a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and dance cardio, making it an all-round workout that develops the long, lean muscles of a dancer.
  • Full body workout!  This all-inclusive workout has elements of cardio, strength, toning, balance, coordination, and flexibility, giving you a well-rounded workout in just 55 minutes!
  • Fun! – Not quite a professional ballerina? Not to worry! You can still unleash your inner dancer at our barre classes which are set to high-energy music.
  • Hard on muscles, kind on joints! The small controlled movements that take place in barre classes reduce pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments and spine. By doing barre regularly, you will also notice a remarkable improvement in your core strength and posture, protecting you from injuries.
  • Modifications for every age and level The beauty of barre classes is that everyone works with small movements and can limit or expand their range of motion to suit their specific needs. Exercises can always be modified whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or have an injury, but can also be amplified if you’re advanced and looking for more of a challenge.




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