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Get fitter, stronger and leaner with Melbourne pilates

There are many benefits to Pilates including increased strength and flexibility, improved posture and injury rehabilitation. The reason that Pilates has become increasingly popular is because it is low-impact but creates a strong and dynamic workout for all fitness levels. Performed with precision and alignment, it is the best way to strengthen your body while minimising injuries. Even for the most chronic of injuries or conditions, the Pilates method can be adapted and modified to suit individual needs. 

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If you have never done Pilates before and are looking to join our Pilates X and Power Pilates classes, you will just need a 30-minute assessment to allow us to introduce the Pilates reformer and Wunda Chair. This is to ensure that you perform exercises safely and correctly in a class setting. This assessment is suitable for anyone with no injuries.


We recommend a full assessment with one of our exercise physiologists if you have an injury or an ongoing concern. In a full assessment, we will go through your health and injury history, assess your goals and needs, perform a movement screening and come up with a plan to get you to where you want to be. This assessment may be covered by your private health fund under Exercise Physiology. 












Want to customise your own Pilates workout? Or perhaps you have a very specific fitness goal in mind. Our Pilates personal training sessions can integrate mat, reformer and Chair elements to suit your goals and needs. Adding in cardio and HIIT elements, it is an all-round individualised workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat!
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