Class Descriptions

Group Classes in the Melbourne CBD

Look after your health and achieve your goals with help from our experienced instructors. Melbourne Yoga and Pilates has a great selection of group fitness classes in the CBD that offer a wide range of benefits. Choose from:


Power Flow

Power Flow is our Vinyasa style of yoga. This dynamic class builds heat from the inside out and synchronises your movement with your breath. This strong and powerful yoga practice encourages presence, alignment and connectivity. Expect to sweat! This class is suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered to support students of all levels.


Power Barre

If you have always wanted a dancer’s body, then Power Barre is the class for you! A high-energy full body workout designed to give you a fit and toned physique, our method includes elements of ballet, Pilates and dance cardio. It is both a cardiovascular workout as well as a toning class targeting major muscle groups. An effective and fun alternative to your regular treadmill or bike workout! You do not need to be a dancer to join in as we cater for all levels and abilities. See you at the barre!

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Core Flow

Core Flow is our Vinyasa class with an added emphasis on core strength and stability. In this fusion of Pilates and yoga, expect some longer holds, more standing and stability sequences and strengthening and conditioning through the core. This is an excellent group fitness class for Melbourne locals looking to improve athletic performance, minimise injuries, and improve posture. Open to all levels.


HIIT Training

Using minimal equipment and mostly your body weight, HIIT classes in our CBD studio are innovative, hardcore and choreographed to give you the highest intensity workout possible using dynamic movements. You warm up and mobilise the body with multiple planes of movement patterns, as well as to activate your major stabilising muscles. During HIIT training, we include squats, lunges, planks and rotational movements interval-style with minimal rest. The class is catered to all fitness levels and modifications are provided. Join one of our HIIT classes and let it take you to a new level of fitness.


Melbourne Pilates

Our new Pilates X workouts are 40-minute sessions combining Pilates matwork as well as an extensive repertoire on the Pilates reformer. Be prepared to sweat and be challenged - this is not your usual Pilates workout! Suitable for all fitness levels.

For more information on yoga, barre, HIIT training and other group fitness classes in the Melbourne CBD, or to book private sessions, please contact us on 03 9078 7662.






Or work out in the comfort of your own home!

Melbourne Yoga and Pilates now travels to your home to provide you with the service you need so you can now practice yoga and Pilates in the comfort of your own home or get fit in your backyard in your own time. You no longer have to travel into the Melbourne CBD to reach your health and fitness goals. Our teachers, Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists can travel to your home (usually within a 10km radius of the Melbourne CBD) for a small additional fee, making exercising more convenient and accessible to you. Contact us today to make an appointment for a home visit.

For more information or to book private sessions, please contact us on 03 9078 7662.

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